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We are specialist in disinfecting and sanitization of all vehicle types.

You might think of your car as just a means of transportation, but have you ever considered it as a vessel for germs too? Blessedtouches has a new service for disinfecting and sanitizing your personal vehicle or work vehicle. Sanitizatizing & Disinfecting packages are now available. For added safety and the cleanliness of your vehicles surface we use an EPA approved product. So whether its your families vehicle, home, office, or any living space you want to protect from growing bacteria we have an affordable solution for your needs.



Deep Clean / Impact Cleans

Eliminates 99 percent of all bacteria, viruses and fungi .

Car Interior Sanitization

Protect the interior of your family car or work vehicle from harmful bacteria.

Home or Office Space

Need to protect the rooms in your home or small office

We specialize in sanitizing and disinfecting any area that needs it but we like to focus on automobiles, trucks, RV’s, office spaces and homes. Let us make your environment clean again!

Deep Clean / Impact Cleans

Hospital Grade Disinfectants

Deep Clean / Impact Cleans

High-Touch Point Area Focus

Disinfecting Services

Color-Coded Microfibers to Reduce Cross-Contamination

" We apply these CDC and EPA approved cleaning agents to your vehicles, floors, countertops, keyboards, office equipment, shelving, storage areas and all other surfaces people may have come in contact with.."
Manuel E.

*Disclaimer: Please be advised that nothing completely eliminates bacteria or viruses and these are efforts to contain and control the spread of a virus.

Blessed Touches Logo
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